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Choreography: Tikiri Shapiro

Dancers: Rachel Cox Culver,  Megan Dollar, Chelsea Pribble, 

Kanami Timpe

Music: Kai Engel

Costumes and most other things: Tikiri Shapiro


Tikiri Shapiro landed in Austin, TX three years ago and has been loving this city's dance scene ever since. While she's not scheming up her next Sea Legs Dance idea, she runs Austin's dance resource website,, directs programing at First Street Studio, and dances with Ventana Ballet. She loves almost everything about dance except for long bios, so . . .catch ya later and enjoy the show! 

Rachel Cox Culver is a dance artist based in Austin, TX performing with Sea Legs Dance, Ventana Ballet, NobleMotion Dance and various freelance projects throughout Texas. Formerly, she danced with Nicolay Dance Works and as an apprentice with Bruce Wood Dance. Culver holds a BFA in Dance Performance from Sam Houston State University. While studying at SHSU, Rachel had the pleasure of working with many guest choreographers including Maurice Causey, Gerard Theoret, and Gregory Nuber. She hails from Elida, NM where she studied classical and contemporary ballet and spent her summers studying with the Kirov Academy of Ballet, among others.

Siri Cyan: Born and raised in Texas, Siri is a certified GYROTONIC® instructor, modern dancer, retired ballerina, and holistic health and wellness enthusiast. She began her personal movement journey as a student and aspiring ballerina at Houston Ballet’s Ben Stevenson Academy. After graduating from the academy at age 16, she moved to Hamburg, Germany to dance with The Hamburg Ballet for a handful of years and then on to Oregon Ballet Theater in Portland.

Outside of dancing, she enjoys, hiking, or reading in the park with her Corgi mix, Moose.

Megan Dollar has been dancing around her whole life from studying at the Kirov Academy of Ballet to dancing as a trainee at Joffrey Ballet Chicago. Currently, she performs with Ventana Ballet and is stoked to debut her first show with Sea Legs Dance this weekend. She would have written a longer bio, but she probably got distracted by a dog.

Chelsea Pribble: She sings, she dances, it's annoying how talented she is. Check her out at

Kanami Timpe: Originally from Tokyo, Kanami started dancing ballet at the age of three. In high school, she enrolled in professional ballet program at Quinte Ballet School of Canada. She then went to UT Austin Dance Department, where she worked with choreographers including Charles O. Anderson, Alex Ketley, Abby Zbikowski, Kate Watson-Wallace and Sidra Bell. Upon graduation, she returned to Japan and performed in projects by choreographers including Pichet Klunchun, Kota Yamazaki, Kazuyuki Futami and also choreographed her own work. Currently, she is back in Austin dancing with Ventana Ballet and Sea Legs Dance.

Sea Legs Dance is a contemporary dance group local to Austin. As the name implies, Sea Legs Dance strives to adapt swiftly to the different places dance can take us through narratives and the celebration of each individual dancer that shapes its work. Follow us on social at @sealegsdance to keep in the know about our next show!

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